Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

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Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology, India is a country where marriages are regarded as the most respected institutions. A lot of effort is take to arrange a marriage. The whole family and relatives are involved to match two people. We see all kinds of marriage, some go for Love marriage and some believe in arrange marriage. Despite of all the excitement involved to make possible a marriage, we see that sometimes the couple faces lot of issues in making their marriages work.


There can be several type of factors that make the marriage unstable. If husband and wife are not mature enough to withstand the problems, then the marriage may result into a divorce. To help you save your marriage from getting ended and saving it from the possibility of getting divorced, Astrology has lot of ways and methods which you can follow and save your marriage from getting doomed.

Husband and wife divorce or love problem are very common these days. There are some experts or astrologers who are well read about the art of vashikaran. Taking help from them can help you overcome the risk of divorce and failed relationships. Before discussing in details about the effects and solutions for divorce problem lets first understand the reasons that leads to divorce.

  1. Excess interference of family or relatives
  2. Entry of third person in husband or wife’s life
  3. Lack of financial growth
  4. Child problem
  5. Parenting problem
  6. Immaturity to handle the issues
  7. Ego problems
  8. Lack of Trust and Love
  9. Planetary positions in your kundli

Divorce problem solution baba ji

So you see that leading a married life is like walking on a tight rope which is always exposed to so, many areas of problems. The most affected people of the divorce are the kids. Parents who are not able to save their marriage and choose to part their ways are the biggest nightmare for any kid. There are many Baba ji that gives solution for Divorce problems. They know many mantras and totkeys to remove all the problems that disturbs your love or married life.They know many vedic mantras, vashikaran practices even some paranormal activities.

These Baba ji’s daily meet many customers worldwide who come with similar problems of facing divorce possibility in life. They are specialists in providing all kinds of problems that are damaging your relationship and love life. Some genuine Baba Ji’s are available through internet and they are just a call away. However, you have to be very carefull while approaching the right person, as there are very few who really has the skill to solve your problems.

Powerful mantra to avoid divorce

The Vedic astrology and other astronomical sciences lots of powerful and effective mantras that can heal your strained relationship.

Swayamvara Parwati Moola Mantra

“Aum Hreem Yoginim yoginee Yogeshwari Yoga Bhayankari sakala Sthawara

Jangamasyaa Mukhaa Hridayum Mama Vasum Aakarsha Akarshayaa Namaha”

If an unmarried person recites this mantra, then he or she can overcome all the delay in the marriage that he or she is experiencing. If you love someone and want to get married but due to unseen reason the marriage is either getting delayed or not getting enough support to marry the person of your choice, then you can chant this mantra. You will definitely get to see the results. This mantra is very helpful to generate positive vibrations in your relationship with your spouse or beloved. There is a process that you must follow while chanting this mantra.

  1. You have to take a pledge your Pooja vidhi in front of Goddess parwati. You have to take your name, Husband name, Gotra name and the nakshatra in which you were born. Then speak out your problem for the solution of which you are doing this Pooja.
  1. You have to recite the jaap for 1008 times and continue this for 108 days.
  1. The items that you require for the Pooja are flower, sweets, kumkum, 5 types of fruits, camphor, cotton and ghee for Deepak.

Powerful mantra to avoid divorce

  1. “Aum Shrim Hrim Puran Grihasth Sukh Shidhyey Hrim Shrim Aum Namah”

This is very powerful mantra that brings love, peace into your troubled relationship. This mantra will not only avoid the possibility of Divorce in  life and create strong positive vibrations, will protect your relationship from the evil eyes.

Every day for 2 hours you have to meditate and chant this mantra. There should not be any kind of disturbance and nothing should distract you in those 2 hours. You can use the general Pooja saamagri to do this chant. You can also take help of any pandit if you are unable to continue the same ritual for the 108 regular days.

  1. “Aum panchaa tanmaatra saayakayai namaha”

This mantra is also very powerful for the Husband and wife relationship. This mantra should be recited for 108 time for 6 continuous months. By the effect of this mantra you married life will be full of harmony and love. All the obstacles coming in way will be removed. The mutual love and understanding between you and your partner will increase and you will lead a happy married life.

  1. “Aum hara netraagnee sandagdha kaama sanjeevanaushadyai namaha”

If there is an ongoing enmity between you and your spouse, then this mantra will help it erase it completely. Generally there is no scope of enmity between a couple but at time there are situations where both their Ego comes in their way and suddenly the relationship becomes bitter. So to remove all the bitterness from the relationship a person can chant this mantra for 216 times for 6 months.

Love and Trust are the two pillar of any successful relationship. It plays even more important role if two people decide to lead the rest of their life with each other. Both the partners have to strive equally to lead a harmonized relationship. Your faith in your partner should not change with time and money.