Vashikaran Using Period Blood

Vashikaran Using Period Blood

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Vashikaran Using Period Blood – Vashikaran By Period Blood

Vashikaran Using Period Blood, Your husband is your most loved person in the world and you will want him to like none other than you. But, in reality, this may not happen in the lives of all wives and you may be one of them.  Most often, monotony of sex and relationship makes the husband to divert his mind, attention and love to other women.  That is probably the worst situation a wife can think of.

Vashikaran Using Period Blood
Vashikaran Using Period Blood

Sleepless nights will pass thinking about the extra-marital relationship of the husband.  But why worrying about it, when there is the surest way of controlling your husband through vashikaran on husband by period blood. It may look little indecent for using your menstrual blood. But, think of the benefit you are going to get when you apply spells using menstrual blood. Your husband will be hen-pecked and will do as you direct.

The word vashikaran is derived from the word “Vash” which means to keep someone under your control.  The system of vashikaran has been practiced in India since time immemorial. A snake charmer keeps the snakes under his vash or control by applying various spells, mantra and rituals. Similarly, vashikaran by menstrual blood has long been practiced by women in India and abroad.

If you are experiencing any unusual behavior of your husband, it will be your best option to go in for vashikaran on husband by period blood. But there are specific ways and means of performing it. Therefore, you must consult the right astrologer who has long years of experience in handling cases of broken-love, extra-marital relationship and divorce. Think that you are doing not just for the sake of yourself, rather for your children and other members of your family. A family with a dedicated husband is the most peaceful and smooth-going place.

You know that the greatest weakness of your husband is his urge of sex. If his sex desire is fully satiated, he will never think of any other woman. It is during your menstrual period that he is deprived of this opportunity.  But, if by some means, he comes in contact with your menstrual blood, his sexual desire is suppressed and he possesses the same attraction for you. You can also use your menstrual blood for arousing extreme sexual desires and also give the highest satisfaction.

This is one of the best ways to “Ruthe Hue Sanam Ko manana”. If for any reason, he is displeased with you, the vashikaran by menstrual blood will work miraculously on him. He will be as humble and obedient as a pet. The menstrual blood has the effect of calming down all his aggressive and negative emotions and feelings against you.

There are different ways of casting spells using menstrual blood. You have to choose some food or drinks that are red or dark in color so that the presence of the menstrual blood cannot be distinguished. You can take tea, coffee or pasta sauce and nix your menstrual blood to it. For the best and the surest result, you should consult a professional and experienced spell caster. Few of the spells using menstrual blood are mentioned below

After collecting your menstrual blood in a container, take the photo copy of your husband and smear your menstrual blood on the whole of the photo and chant the spell thrice “I’m flowing flood of blood for you. Give me your love and affection for all times to come.  Be worthy of me”. After chanting the spell, take the blood from the photo, mix it with a cake or sweet and give it your husband to eat. You will find that he won’t caste his eyes on any woman, other than you.

Another way of vashikaran by menstrual blood is to take three pieces of unbroken cloves and during the four days course of your monthly cycle, keep them under your underwear. On the fifth day, take these out, grind well and give your husband to eat. In case, you find it unsuitable for direct eating, mix with suitable food and give them to your husband to eat.

There is yet another way of vashikaran by menstrual blood, if you can make your husband to agree for the process. Put a tilak of your menstrual blood on the forehead of your husband. You may convince her that you are doing it for the general well being of him and your family.

Menstrual blood differs from regular blood of your body. It is closely associated with the sex chakra. Therefore, it forms a strong sexual bondage between you and your husband. You can perform the spell in your bathroom, while your husband is fast asleep.  Take seven teaspoonful of table salt and seven drops of your menstrual blood. Light seven candles in your bath room and seven candles in your kitchen.

Hang the photo of your husband over the wall. Take water in a container and add the salt well and stir it for seven times, by a wooden spoon. Put your hands over it and lower it slowly. At the same time, keep your eyes on the photo and imagine that you are making love with your husband. Then chant “Be honestly faithful to me and always think of me.” The spell will bring miraculous effect.

Your husband being the closest person to you, difference of opinion, dispute and misunderstandings are sure to occur with him. Moreover, because of his distracting mind, it is possible that you may not be favored with his consistent love and affection. Consequently, you may lose your peace of mind and your children too will suffer.

Therefore, for controlling him, perform the vashikaran on husband by period blood, under the guidance of a professional vashikaran practitioner. Any wrong rituals in casting the spells may bring negative results, both to you and to your husband.